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The Cycle: Frontier Pale Ivy Blossom locations: The best place to find Pale Ivy Blossom in The Cycle: Frontier

Here's where to go to find Pale Ivy Blossom in both Cycle: Frontier maps

Looking for Pale Ivy Blossom in The Cycle: Frontier? Some loot in The Cycle: Frontier is far easier to get hold of than others. Pale Ivy Blossom may seem innocuous, but this tiny, valuable flower is very hard to spot unless you know exactly where it grows. And it's well worth finding out, because as you'll see, Pale Ivy Blossom is used to craft some very important items later on.

Below you'll find out the very best places to look for Pale Ivy Blossom across both maps in The Cycle: Frontier, and the amounts you need to gather it to make various useful components and powerful bits of gear.

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Where to find Pale Ivy Blossom in The Cycle: Frontier

Pale Ivy Blossoms in The Cycle: Frontier are small flowers which are most often found partway up the trunks of trees or cliffs. They appear in high concentrations in certain areas of both maps, but for a new player they can be very hard to spot amidst Fortuna's dense undergrowth. Here's a screenshot of one, to give you an idea of what you're looking for:

A screenshot of a Pale Ivy Blossom plant in The Cycle: Frontier.

Here are the very best places to find Pale Ivy Blossom on both maps:

  1. Fallen Tree (Crescent Falls)
  2. Jungle (Bright Sands)
  3. South of Lakeside Building (Crescent Falls)
  4. South of Pumpkin Fields (Crescent Falls)
  5. Dig Site (Bright Sands)
  6. Water Facility (Bright Sands)

Here are all these locations marked on the maps:

A map of Bright Sands in The Cycle: Frontier, with the best locations to find Pale Ivy Blossom highlighted.
Best Pale Ivy Blossom farming locations on Bright Sands.
A map of Crescent Falls in The Cycle: Frontier, with the best locations to find Pale Ivy Blossom highlighted.
Best Pale Ivy Blossom farming locations on Crescent Falls.

Considering Pale Ivy Blossom grows up the trunks of trees, it should be no surprise that the richest concentration of the flowers can be found on the Fallen Tree in Crescent Falls. You can also find a lot of Pale Ivy Blossoms spread across the Jungle region to the northwest of Bright Sands, particularly around Jungle Camp - but these flowers are much more spread out and harder to spot.

What is Pale Ivy Blossom used for in The Cycle: Frontier?

Pale Ivy Blossom is used for a small selection of very useful and important items, from powerful consumables to useful mid-tier gear. It is also used to craft Print Resin, which is a component primarily used alongside Optic Glass to craft scopes for your weapons.

Here's everything you can make at the Gear Printer using Pale Ivy Blossom:

  • Large Backpack (6,100 K-Marks, 2 Textiles, 1 Pale Ivy Blossom, 3 Altered Nickel)
  • Rare Tactical Shield (15,000 K-Marks, 2 Zero Systems CPUs, 1 Pale Ivy Blossoms, 5 Rattler Skins)
  • Combat Medkit (460 K-Marks, 2 Medical Supplies, 3 Waterweed Filaments, 1 Pale Ivy Blossom)
  • 5x Combat Stim (460 K-Marks, 2 Old Medicine, 2 Waterweed Filaments, 1 Pale Ivy Blossom)
  • Print Resin (3 Pale Ivy Blossom, 1 Smart Mesh)

The Large Backpack is clearly the most important item here, so you may want to stock up on Pale Ivy Blossoms so you can craft good mid-tier backpacks for your future excursions. It's also a good idea to use spare Ivy Blossoms to craft Print Resin for your scopes, and high-tier heals to help keep yourself alive in dire straits.

That wraps up this quick primer on where to find those pesky Pale Ivy Blossoms. If you're readying yourself for a foray into the dangerous Jungle of Bright Sands, be sure to check out our list of the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier to take with you. If you're a newer player, I'd also highly recommend you read through our comprehensive The Cycle: Frontier beginner's guide for dozens of useful tips and tidbits of information.

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