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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 190: the best games that should be toys special

What could improve our lives if not more stuff?

Despite Matthew almost wilfully misunderstanding the topic for this week's Electronic Wireless Show podcast, we manage to settle down and talk about the games we'd most like to have toy sets of. What game d'you think would be the best Lego set? Action figures? Obscure 80s and 90s toy? Oh, we have fun on this show.

Diversions this week are predictably about toys we had as kid, including a very long sidebar about Mighty Max, and Matthew's reverse-engineered Boglin hatred derived from his sad childhood. We also have some obligatory Platty Joobs round-up chat, and there's an unintentionally difficult Cavern Of Lies this week, themed around Funko Pop, because any made up Funko Pop is indistinguishable from a real Funko Pop.

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Nate wants Iron Harvest Lego of big mechs doing wars.

I have not mentioned Dragon Age for at least five minutes so I suggest a Playmobil Skyhold castle from Dragon Age Inquisition (we then argue about whether Playmobil is good).

Nate also wants Age Of Empires to be made into a war game with all models (debatable if this is a toy, but I'll allow it).

Matthew suggests a version of The Room's puzzle box, possibly also in Lego (someone has done the doll's house from The Room 4 on Lego Ideas).

He also suggests a Mad Max version of cool game worlds like Desperados 3 or Baldur's Gate, and then we talk about Mad Max for a while.

Overwatch characters are basically already action figures.

Recommendations this week are the new series of Danish political drama Borgen, the mystery/thriller/cannibalism show Yellowjackets, and the YouTube channel Brick Experiment Channel.

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