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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 196: the games we'd like to play for the first time again

[Lego Batman voice] First try!

I'm back from my holidays to record The Electronic Wireless Show podcast once again, and I've brought a reader email and a new tattoo of Murray from Monkey Island with me. These are both relevant, because the email from James suggests that we talk about the games that we'd like to play for the first time again - just erase them from our heads and encounter them anew. Thus, we discuss Lucasarts games like the Monkey Island series. See, I tied it all together.

In fact, I'm not sure if I'd wipe Monkey Island from my head or not, because I can't be sure how much of my love for it is fuelled by nostalgia. Matthew has other concerns, though, because as is our usual fashion we spend some time discussing the question "what games would you play for the first time again?" more literally than is intended. What grave consequences would come from erasing certain things from your brain? What sort of person would co-host Nate be if he wiped the Civ games from his memory? Listen in to find out.

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James the listener suggests Outer Wilds as a great game to play for the first time again, and Matthew agrees.

I bring up puzzle games as candidates for this, because they don't have a load of - if you'll forgive the term - replayability. Like the more recent Escape Academy, or the aforementioned island of monkeys.

Nate would erase all of the Civ series, with the specific aim of being able to play Civilization V for the first time again.

I'd love to play Mass Effect 2 again, because of that bit where you do the thing and meet the person. You know. That bit.

Nate almost says Horizon Zero Dawn, but instead decides on Minecraft.

Matthew points out that Hitman is a game of levels that are lovely to explore for the first time (but he'd want to keep all his progress intact, which would be confusing).

We don't talk about Portal but just pretend we did.

Here's my Murray tattoo.

Recommendations this week are Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, The Three Dahlias by Katy Watson, and to get an oyster mushroom growkit and stick it in your cupboard.

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