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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 209: the best fantasy video game dinner party special

Matthew The Giant We Hardly Knew Ye

Today is a sad occasion on The Electronic Wireless Show, as Matthew is leaving the podcast, and we take the opportunity to go on a short hiatus while we search for a replacement by making staffers perform tricks for our amusement, reality competition style. But though it be sad, it is an occasion nonetheless, which means Matthew is going out in style as we build the ideal video game character dinner party. Spoilers: there is a giant ant and a boat full of cocaine.

As it's his last day, Matthew also does a fiendishly difficult Cavern Of Lies themed around secret endings. Which of us will end up dead and loaded onto the cocaine boat while the others beat a retreat?

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

Music is by Jack de Quidt, welcome at our dinner table any time.

Our dinner party will be taking place in the secret wine dungeon of that one Hitman 3 level. The guest list is thus:

For a storyteller we have Dandelion the bard from The Witcher. We own that he might just be telling stories about Geralt, but that's okay because Geralt isn't going to be there.

The Iron Bull from Dragon Age Inquisition is there as a fun toastmaster (and, incredibly, was not suggested by myself).

Fane from Divinity Original Sin 2 is there to perform close-up magic tricks and get pissed and reveal he is a skeleton when the evening takes a turn.

Big Socrates, the giant ant specific to Nate and Matthew's playthrough of Borderlands 3 is under the table chewing a bone.

Elaine from Monkey Island is a feisty pirate with tall tales, and as a bonus will look after us when we all start throwing up.

Mei from Overwatch will be great for late evening practical bants and making snowballs. Also: science facts!

Lady Dimetrescu from Resi Village, and her presumably normal husband, are here to be awkward.

Food is provided by the cat people from Monster Hunter. Music by the 'nauts from Outer Wilds.

Recommendations this week are the TV western drama The English, Defunctland's documentary on the Disney Channel bumper sting, and Matthew's podcast The Back Page.

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