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The Electronic Wireless Show Podcast episode 141: the best narrators in games special

Once upon a time...

The main cast of Divinity: Original Sin II
Image credit: Larian Studios

I was going to write this as a whole bit where it was like a narrator describing you reading this post and then listening to the podcast, but I respect you too much to lie to you: it is after lunch on a Thursday and I had a very big sandwich. There is simply no way I could be expected to write that bit. But anyway, this week's episode of the Electronic Wireless Show podcast is all about our favourite narrators!

We talked about so many games that I'm just making the show notes a big list, and I will probably accidentally leave some off - we just talked about that many games! Regular listeners will know that this is unusual for us. But we do also have a big bit about how city management games would be way more fun if the advisors giving you tooltips on your sewage system were e.g. talking turds. So there's that.

You can listen above, or on on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, or Pocket Casts. You can find the RSS feed here, and you can discuss the episode on our Discord channel, which has a dedicated room for podcast chat.

Music is by Jack de Quidt.

Music is by Jack de Quidt, a narrator's dream.

Games we talked about include but are not limited to:

Recommendations this week are everyone's favourite Kate Winslet detect 'em up Mare Of Easttown (via Sky or Now TV), Nate's upcoming Ghazghkull Thraka: Prophet of the Waaagh! from Warhammer's Black Library, and Ryan Hollinger's horror-themed film analysis YouTube channel.

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