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The Electronic Wireless Show Podcast episode 155: the best puzzles in games special

The Riddler seems pretty weird if you ask us

We here at the Electronic Wireless Show podcast have done an episode about puzzles before, but Matthew and I just love puzzles a whole lot. We're talking about our favourite puzzle, as well, not puzzle game. This means that nate can bring up games about orcs, or whatever, that also happen to have a puzzle in them somewhere. Also yes, I got the number of the podcast wrong again, I know I keep doing this, let's just all move on together.

What is a surprise is that we don't really need to spend ages arguing over what the definition of a puzzle is, which I think shows personal growth. Well done us! Asides this week include what role Matthew you fill on the team in a heist movie, Nate vs. Rufus Hound, and what the hell is the Riddler's whole deal about, anyway? Also: please give us creative control of all major IPs in cinema and games, so we can remake them to be about the drink Rio Tropical.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

. Music is by Jack de Quidt, a most discerning person able to work out many puzzles.

The smartest people wear t-shirts we helped design.

Nate likes surprise puzzles being sprung on him in Total War: Warhammer II.

Matthew and Nate also bring up some of the game modes and additions to Hearthstone and Gwent.

I'm a big fan of the red-apple-tree-puzzles in The Witness and the moment when you figure out who the artist is in Return Of The Obra Dinn.

Matthew likes the weird quarantine puzzle Metal Gear Solid V.

The way you get the map you need in The Curse Of Monkey Island is gross, but I love it.

Recommendations this week are the cool heist drama on Netflix, Money Heist, the Cracking The Cryptic YouTube channel, and the Age Of Reptiles comic series by Ricardo Delgado

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