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The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S3 episode 13: all work and no play? Let's talk about free games

No such thing as a free lunch

A close up of a cute bunny rabbit looking in a mirror in Rental
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Animita Project

This week you could get two horror games for free! Rental and Content Warning both launched for nada (albeit for a couple of days only in the case of the latter). Nate and I have both done work for free in the hope someone would retrospectively pay for it, so on this episode of the Electronic Wireless Show podcast Is it worth it? Is this how the internet is going to work from now on? Plus, what are some of our favourite free games? There are a bunch.

We also talk about the science that suggests people process visual information at wildly different speeds (I know I shouldn't have said that some people just 'see more fasterer' or whatever reductive thing I said, please don't email me), Nate teaches me about some weird cryptids, and we recommend some sweet non-video game stuff, as per usual.

You can listen above, or on on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, or Pocket Casts. You can find the RSS feed here, and you can discuss the episode on our Discord channel, which has a dedicated room for podcast chat.

Music is by Jack de Quidt.


This week we've been playing Aquarist, Horizon Forbidden West, and the Age Of Empires II DLC Victors And Vanquished

Recommendations this week are Ivan off of The Traitor's series 1's Entropoly stream (ft. Nate), and the scented candles and other goods from Hue Complete Me.

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