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The Fallout: London mod is bringing nuclear war elephants to the UK in 2023

New footage of a blighted Blighty

Post-apocalyptic mod Fallout: London will arrive next year, the development team have announced with a new video released as part of the Fallout For Hope charity initiative. It’s a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4 that’s bringing the unchanging nuclear war across the pond. Doff your bowler hat out of respect for all the nuked chippies, and watch the trailer below.

Fallout: London brings the war that doesn't change to the United Kingdom. Crikey.Watch on YouTube

Judging from the trailer, there’s some slightly Orwellian shenanigans going on in the devastated remains of old London town. I’m very much a Northerner and don’t exactly know London inside and out, although I can still recognise bombed-out versions of sights such as the Tower of London, the MI6 headquarters, Tower Bridge and, of course, the Tube. It looks delightfully grimy, but there’s still some rather lovely skyline shots of Big Ben and the London Eye to ohh and ahh over.

Fallout: London was first shown off this time last year and already looked mightily impressive back then. Bethesda seem to have thought so too, as they hired the mod team’s former head writer Stephanie Zachariadis to become an associate quest designer. Not bad work there, Stephanie. The team say they’re still recruiting if you’re interested in helping out. You might end up working on some war elephants like the ones in the trailer, which would be awesome.

The Fallout: London mod is releasing at some point in 2023. In the meantime, you check out more on the project at its official site here. Toodle pip for now, old bean.

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