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The Gang Way: Omerta - City Of Gangsters

The first time I heard about Omerta: City of Gangsters, a fellow games journo described it to me as "prohibition era X-COM". My brain went into overdrive and I trekked across several crowded convention halls, each larger and noisier than the last, in order to sip from this holiest of grails. Flappers, jazz maestros, nickel-a-drink barmen and sharply dressed gangsters combating an alien invasion with nothing more than an old-fashioned, a trumpet and a tommy gun? Sign me up! I had made a grave error. Omerta is X-COM in as much as there is a strategic, personnel and resource management mode paired up with turn-based combat. An updated Gangsters: Organized Crime then? Our first look wasn't entirely encouraging but will this new combat trailer be more convincing?

I remain unconvinced, although I did enjoy the music. Proof, as they say, is most often discovered in the consumption of a prohibited pudding, and this particular saloon now opens its doors in early 2013. I'll probably slip in under cover of darkness and see if they're serving anything that tickles my fancy.

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