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There's Now Moreta Omerta

Somewhere out there is an Omerta: City of Gangsters fan. He's furiously whacking his F5 key with the butt of his Tommy gun, hoping that his favourite and only source for Omerta news, Craig "The Craig" Pearson, will fearlessly risk breaking the code and write something about it. Stop putting a beating on it, Jeff. Put the gun down and come out with your hands up... in triumph!

Omerta has just updated with a horse's-head sized whack of free content. There's Mafia* dollar there, and make no mistake. Can you refuse it?

If you answered out loud, remember that no-one likes a wiseguy. The patch adds new opposing gangs to challenge the expansion of the player, new sandbox maps with attendant troubles (though Adam would've preferred a story-based additions, as the looser sandbox wasn't as interesting), and new multiplayer maps, along with the usual technical stitch-ups from the resident mob-friendly doctor.

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Adam sort of enjoyed the basic tactical lightness of the game, though there was a fair amount wrong with it, too. It's not quite the Gangsters continuation everyone had hoped for. But if you found it cheap, and it contained some delight for you, then there's now more of it, and it won't Cosa you a thing.

*More for your

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