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The Iron Oath promises turn-based fights in a dynamic world

It's a living

The first E3 I've ever had to pay attention to is upon us, except sort of not because it's all irregular and online. I am lost.

But what's this? It is The Iron Oath, a pretty turn-based tactical RPG that promises dynamic campaigns and a world your little mercenary company can change over time as they go around it killing people. I suppose that'd do something one way or the other, right?

I missed this somehow when it first popped up. But Curious Panda Games have promised a new trailer, and a demo next week.

It's a common mistake to add overblown EPIC MUSIC to a trailer that ends up sorta selling it short. This looks really good though? You take a small troupe of stablads on mercenary missions, having big fights in conveniently hexagonal environments. The idea is to build up you reputation, but the big schtick is that your actions and successes or failures can change your characters and the world in general. Your team will age and die too, which its Steam page claims will enable "new story-lines and missions which results in a unique experience for every playthrough". I'm put in mind of Wildermyth and Battle Brothers. Fine company to be in, but this looks like it's doing its own thing too. There's a bit in the trailer where someone loses a "cowardly" trait/status/etc by having a nice sit down and some time to chill out. This explains why I am extremely brave.

I'd like to see more of the world, and what kind of systems those fights plug into, but I'm already liking the look of this. And if I don't like it, I can call it "the iron oaf". Win-win!

The Iron Oath is expected out later this year on Steam and Humble. For now, here's more from IGN:

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