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The latest League Of Legends Worlds song is no Warriors, but what is?

It does not build this town, from dust

The League Of Legends 2020 Season World Championship starts next week, which means it's time for another song and music video about being really good at video games. This year, Riot's music team have drafted Jeremy McKinnon (the lead singer of A Day To Remember) and mononymous singers MAX and Henry for a song called Take Over. Does it top Warriors, the Worlds 2014 song by Imagine Dragons? No, of course not, but it does have enough pomp and bass to put up a respectable show.

Several League players lend their faces to characters there. They're taking over, you know.

Worlds 2020 starts on Friday the 25th of September with 24 teams in the Play-In stage. The Main Event will start on October 3rd, ending in the Finals on October 31st. See the Worlds 2020 primer for more.

K/DA, the virtual girl group behind Worlds 2018's rad anthem Pop/Stars, have a whole EP coming later this year. They released the first single The Baddest, last month.

As I've said before, while Pop/Stars is the best song Riot have made for Worlds (technically it wasn't the year's Worlds anthem, but it did debut at Worlds), Warriors is the best Worlds song. They built this town, you know. From dust, no less. Don't turn away.

If giant game companies are going to spend millions on marketing (which they sure seem set on) they should at least spend it on fun follies like music videos. Or actual, physical follies. When will Riot open sculpture gardens strewn with buildings from Summoner's Rift and statues of pro players dressed as wizards? And retired players could take turns being the ornamental hermit, dispensing cryptic jungling tips and tootling Warriors on a bone flute.

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