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The Liberty Cell: Homefront - The Revolution

'Sandbox City 17'

The sequel to Homefront that you probably weren't eagerly anticipating has been announced in the form of a trailer that you can see below. There's no in-game footage but we sent roving reporter Craig 'Craig Pearson' Pearson to get some first-hand impressions and he managed to enage my interest with one phrase: "It's basically a sandbox City 17." Maybe eager anticipation should begin right about now? We'll have a full feature tomorrow with more on that but for now I'm left with a trailer that shows terrorists freedom fighters striking back at an oppressive military occupation. Drones, explosions and urban gunfights below the break.

If the chap with the box is the main character in this sandbox city game, I think he might need a more iconic piece of headwear.

It's set in Philadelphia, hence my trying-too-hard headline with its multiple meanings (they're a terrorist cell and liberty and cell sound weird together and there's that big cracked bell and it's Monday and I ran out of intelligence about three hours ago). I'm looking forward to seeing more (or indeed 'any') of the actual game but let's all just express our disappointment at the subtitle. If you're going to drop the two for a colon, at least say something imaginative. In fact, here's an idea - if you could swap the subtitle for the title without losing any meaning, don't bother. They're close enough to be interchangeable.

The Revolution: Homefront. That could be a game about America being occupied, right? Change it around then. Do something fresh. I'd have gone with Homefront: It's Never Sunny In Philadephia Anymore Because Of The Koreans.

Development of the new Homefront game is being handled by Crytek UK, formerly Free Radical.

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