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Homefront: The Revolution Striking On May 17th

Open-world FPS antics

The original Homefront was an unremarkable FPS with a plot that was goofy even for a CoD 'em up (a unified Korea invades the USA), but I have been interested in its sequel, Homefront: The Revolution [official site]. An open-world FPS skulking around an occupied Philadelphia sounds a laugh! For a while I'd feared The Revolution might be crushed by the wreckage of publisher THQ collapsing, but it kept poking its head out and now has an actual release date: May 17th. Also, a new trailer! Observe:

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Oh sure it's goofy, but something inside my head has clicked and refused to see this as anything other than a Half-Life 2 fan game, about the resistance fighting back in a Combine-occupied city. And that's great, because psychic aliens from another dimension are totally fine and not remotely silly.

Anywho, Homefront: The Revolution will have Johnny Heroman leading the resistance in guerrilla warfare against the occupier. Along with completing missions to murder men and sabotage things and whatnot, he'll be building up bases and safehouses and unlocking new murdertools. Publishers Deep Silver talk about the world being dynamic, reactive, and all that, and I'm curious about how much that's true.

It'll have online co-op too, you know.

May 17th! It's headed to Windows, Mac, and Linux. I'll make a note in my diary for this one. Here, this older trailer might show a tutorial mission, but it still probably gives a better idea of how The Revolution will play than that fancy new trailer does:

Watch on YouTube

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