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Homefront: The Revolution's Co-op Maps Will All Be Free

Oh, if you insist!

Oh hey, Homefront: The Revolution [official site] has a co-operative multiplayer side too? I'd not really paid attention to that, but a media blitz today says yes, that is so. Sure, okay, cool. I'm already pretty interested in the open-world FPS because I like exploring and I like shooting faces so... sure, co-op too? Go for it!

'Resistance Mode' is a separate set of missions, to be clear, not campaign co-op. Picking from classes with different abilities, up to four resistance fighters will head off on missions following little stories. It'll have a dozen missions at launch, and developers Dambuster Studios plan to then add another twenty over the next year. It does have persistent progression with unlockable weapons and gear and skills and other stuff that I tend to find off-putting, but sure, that's multiplayer today. Here, this new trailer's about the co-op:

Cover image for YouTube video

Those scamps at Eurogamer, among others, recently had a play of Resistance Mode and then afterwards wrote some thoughts summing up their experiences and what they thought of it. Sounds pretty fun to me. The game, not the whole play-a-game-before-release-then-report-on-that affair - that sounds like hell. I've thankfully not been to a press event since... 2011, maybe? I've tried to teach Pip and Adam to go for the throat, knees, and eyes, but they just look slightly confused when I talk about them going to "Hell. Literal Hell. Actual Hell. Not a metaphorical Hell. Not hell. Real Hell. Brimstone, torment - all that. HELL. COME BACK SAFELY FROM HELL."

Homefront: The Revolution is due out on May 17th/20th. It'll be on Windows at launch, but Mac and Linux versions are in the works too.

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