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The PC Gaming Show 2022: every new trailer and game reveal

All of the announcements, maybe too many in all honesty

The PC Gaming Show 2022 has been and gone, and everyone at the RPS treehouse is now absolutely exhausted. 43 trailers. 43! A ludicrous amount of work for a Sunday evening. But happily for you, we’ve put together an exhaustive (oh, so exhaustive) list of everything that was announced, featured, or otherwise hinted at throughout the entire show, just in case you missed anything. Read on for every new trailer and announcement from the PC Gaming Show.

All the PC Gaming Show trailers and announcements

There was a veritable mountain of world premieres, announcements, and trailers revealed with this year’s PC Gaming Show (and one or two actual mountains, as well). To save you having to climb said mountain just to get to the bits you’re interested in, feel free to skip ahead to any of the show’s 43 trailers using the below list.

Soulstice gets a new cinematic trailer

The PC Gaming Show opened with Soulstice, in which an angry lady with a sword stomps around battling varieties of demon while a spectral, much softer-spoken ghost lady tags along on her back. There’s an intense mix of dark magic, oversized shapeshifting swords and symphonic metal in almost every camera cut, it’s out quite soon: September 20th.

Rotwood brings the fight to the forest

Rotwood is… I wanna Streets of Rage but with made-up cartoon animals? Not that this tones down the violence much, as we see some kind of pumpkin goblin chopped up into a warrior’s new hat. No release date, not even a confirmed year, but it’ll be heading into early access first and foremost.

Tactical Breach Wizards adds a magic touch to turn-based shootouts

Tactical Breach Wizards is the latest door-kicker from door kicking specialist, Gunpoint lead dev and former RPS contributor Tom Francis. This time doors are kicked in service of XCOM-style grid combat, enacted by tacticool fantasy cops who can rewind (presumably cocked-up) breaches to try again.

The Invincible is a tense but chatty walk in space

The Invincible starts its demo as a suspenseful first-person explorer, with more than a shade of Firewatch as your lone researcher navigates the dusty planet of Regis III and spouts dialogue options into a handheld radio. Some stealthy sections are on the cards as well, as the antimatter weapon you were sent to inspect suddenly comes to life and starts looking for things to molecularly disassemble.

Endless Dungeon gets the gang together for some roguelite action

The more succinctly-titled successor to Dungeon of the Endless is still a roguelite tower defender, but with something of a hero shooter twist, with a greater emphasis on using the right bug-splattering tool for the right bug-splattering job.

F1 Manager 2022 releases this August

You’ll be able to wear the crown of a Formula One boss (do they wear crowns? I don’t watch it) when F1 Manager 2022 launches on August 25. Belting orders at drivers, micromanaging car attributes, and poaching staff for your engineering and aerodynamics teams will all be orders of the day.

Chivalry 2 adds mounted combat and a new faction

Tenosian Invasion, Chivalry 2’s latest and largest update so far, adds horses and mounted combat into the age-old conflict between the Agatha Knights and the Mason Order. Bad news for anyone who doesn’t have access to their own noble steed, I’d imagine. Oh, and it’s no longer just the Agatha and Masons, but also the Tenosians - namesake of the update. The above trailer also gives us a glimpse at a couple of shiny new maps - one set in some lovely golden desert dunes, and another in a venerable white marble city.

Deceive Inc. is SpyParty meets Deathloop

Deceive Inc. is a competitive multiplayer spy-’em-up that pits multiple covert agents against each other in a race to complete a single objective while sabotaging fellow spooks. Social stealth, regular stealth, disguises, gadgets and good old fashioned shooting are all fair game, and it all comes wrapped in a groovy 70’s aesthetic.

Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn pits gunpowder against gods early next year

Who wants to kill a god? Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn is a 3rd-person action-adventure RPG set in a world where the old gods have unleashed a pestilence upon humanity, and a warrior named Nor understandably takes issue with this. Armed with the technology of humanity’s new age of gunpowder, Nor and her mystical animal companion Inky will undoubtedly battle through thousands of creatures and old-god-worshippers to fulfil her deicide-tinted quest.

The Alters announced: a mind-bending mystery from the Frostpunk devs

Set on a vast, rolling space base trundling across a barren planet, The Alters is a sci-fi mystery in which you’ll need to enlist “alters” - alternative versions of yourself - to find your way home. No in-game footage here so it’s not clear how The Alters will play, though it sounds like you’ll have a lot of choice in how you both shape yourself and manage your doppelgangers.

Outriders’ Worldslayer expansion adds the all new endgame Trial of Tarya Gratar

As we saw this Thursday in the Summer Game Fest, Outriders is getting a pretty sizeable update. More than an update, in fact: Worldslayer is the game’s first expansion, one which adds a new endgame activity where players can band together (or venture alone) into the Trial of Tarya Gratar, an ever-changing dungeon filled with randomised enemies and bosses..

Potion Craft is leaving early access and updating its recipes

Potion Craft, the charmingly Renaissance-styled alchemy sim, is leaving early access this autumn. It’ll make the jump to “actually released status” with new quests, more characters and class, an improved UI, new ingredients and salts, and a reworked haggling system. Yea verily.

Super Animal Royale’s Season 4 update adds a giant mole boss to the map

I’m a sucker for battle royale games, and Super Animal Royale actually does a couple of things a bit differently, with its line-of-sight-based 2D approach to filling other players with buckshot. Above you can check out their trailer for the game’s upcoming Season 4 update, the highlight of which appears to be a gigantic mole boss which roams the map, presumably ruining players’ days until it is destroyed by a powerful enough team of gun-toting animals.

Nitro Kid squeezes 80’s action into a card-based pixel brawler

Nitro Kid tasks you with using some card-based (meh) martial arts skills (ooh) to beat up a skyscraper full of goons before they can turn children into an alternate fuel source (niiiiice). Personal trailer highlight: roundhouse kicking a robot so hard it explodes, incinerating everything nearby except the foot that whipped into it.

Mahokenshi deals 2 Style and adds 13 Anticipation with a new trailer

Mahokenshi, arriving in 2023, is a stylish deckbuilding game set atop a hex-based strategy map filled with oversized angelic and demonic characters. Now what part of that doesn’t sound appealing? This samurai-esque deckbuilding adventure will see you wielding “both blade and magic” to protect the Celestial Islands from a host of supernatural invaders.

Killing Floor 2: Tidal Terror adds wacky weapons and a new oil rig map

Killing Floor 2’s latest DLC package, Tidal Terror, ups the comedy with a mad-science-heavy trip to an infested oil rig. One highlight is the new Shrink Ray weapon, which is a ray, that shrinks things. And kills them. There’s also a deployable combat drone and a fetching, if questionably practical, diving suit outfit.

An interview with Bohemia Interactive gives us a look at Arma Reforger and the upcoming Arma 4

Next up we saw an interview with various members of Bohemia Interactive exploring what to expect from Arma Reforger and Arma 4, the next game in the large-scale tactical military series. They touched upon the new engine they’re using; the powerful new modding capabilities that will come with Arma 4, and also the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine upon the game and its development.

The Shiro Games Showcase details Dune: Spice Wars co-op

Shiro Games blunderbussed a bunch of its updates in one continuous segment. Firstly, Dune: Spice Wars is getting a multiplayer update this very month; you’ll be able to go to war with friends or pal up, with distinct synergy effects for different factions. Then there’s an upcoming expansion for Norse strategy game Northguard, which puts you smack-bang in the middle of Ragnarok, forcing an exodus to unfamiliar lands. Tactical RPG Wartales is also getting a new co-op mode, supporting up to four players at a time, and Shiro Unlimited - Shiro’s “by indies, for indies” publishing label - is launching its first game, deep-sea city builder Abyssals, in 2023. Lastly, there was Decarnation, a story-heavy, pixel-arty horror game that will have you solving puzzles and dodging the wrath of some unnervingly warped monstrosities.

I Am Future gives us a very serene and colourful post-apocalypse in which to build and play

I Am Future looks to be a chill new survival, crafting, and building game - although it looks so chill that I wonder if it’s even very survival-y. In a very Fortnite-esque cinematic trailer, a bird unknowingly awakens an exquisitely bearded man from a six-year cryogenic slumber to a (honestly rather tranquil) post-apocalyptic Earth which has been overrun by rising sea levels, and seems to have very little left in the way of human population. Lots of room for Mr Beardy to explore, scavenge, build, and farm the Earth back into shape.

Great Houses of Calderia wants your royal family to actually do stuff

Great Houses of Calderia takes a more personal approach to grand strategy. Like Crusader Kings with fancier wigs, it’s all about securing a dynasty, though you’ll have a smaller world to conquer. The flipside is that your family members are more present in that world, physically moving around the map to perform your desired acts of diplomacy, war or subterfuge.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn is coming to splice more dino-DNA into our lives

Jurassic World Evolution 2. Dinosaurs. Rawr. That’s essentially the elevator pitch of the next instalment in the Jurassic World Evolution games, which was shown off with a trailer filled with long-fingered carnivores, long-necked herbivores, and a nice big rawr at the end from what I’m going to take a complete shot in the dark and guess was a… spinosaurid?

System Shock returns with creepy new footage

After a spell of silence, the System Shock remake showed up at the PC Gaming Show with fresh in-game footage and a whole load of familiar SHODAN threats. It looks suitably horrifying, too, and Warren Spector even showed up to give it his seal of approval.

Design and mass produce spaceships for war in new RTS Falling Frontier

Falling Frontier is a new sci-fi RTS where players can do all the good stuff you’d expect from a space expansion-y war game: design ships, colonise spaceports, lay mines, and take part in some lovely shiny space battles and planetary bombardments to put your enemies in their place.

Super People approaches its final beta this August

Hey, I remember this trailer from Summer Game Fest. Super People’s final beta is coming on August 17th, and here we have a (fully CG) teaser for the upcoming battle royale. Ingredients: invariably attractive people with oversized guns, smirking, smaller guns as well, jetpacks.

Immortality wants you to trawl through movie footage to uncover a chilling mystery

From Sam Barlow, the creator of Her Story, Immortality is a footage-based investigation game where you must slowly uncover the mystery surrounding film star Marissa Marcel, by flicking between the scenes of three of her unreleased films. Sounds quite good, dunnit?

Nivalis is a futuristic management sim with a slice-of-life side

This voxelly, cyberpunk restaurant/bar/club management game isn’t just about making sure the pot wash is running smoothly. You can go fishing, zoom about in hovercars, or tend to your greenhouse of only slightly suspicious plants. If you have time, there’ll even be some hospitality to manage.

Demonschool is a new SMT-style RPG coming next year

Next up is Demonschool, an upcoming tactical RPG with some serious Shin Megami Tensei vibes, and a whole lot of spicy magic and blood effects. There’s a big skeleton boss which prods members of your party to death with its bony fingers, and then proceeds to vomit out its brain to bludgeon everyone else to death. Standard.

Scorn looks as gross as ever in new trailer, gets release date

Doug Bradley, of Pinhead fame, narrates this refresher on the H.R. Giger-inspired Scorn. While whatever poor sod you control does wield a fleshy gun, Bradley is (has been paid to act) keen to remind you that opening fire against Scorn’s meaty abominations may bring more horror than it ends. The trailer also finally reveals Scorn’s release date: October 21st.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2’s engine can throw thousands of Tyranids at you simultaneously

Day9 then spoke to a couple of the developers behind the upcoming Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2, where players will be able to fill the shoes of a Space Marine - one of the greatest of the Emperor’s warriors, and a super-soldier armed to the ears with all the guns and chainsaws required to tear through the thousands of Tyranids that the new engine is apparently capable of throwing at you at once.

Agent 64: Spies Never Die pens a love letter to a classic shooter

Well someone liked GoldenEye. Agent 64: Spies Never Die is a completely unsubtle homage to the 1997 FPS, down to its spy theme, low-fi visuals and wavy gun controls. One modern twist is the inclusion of a campaign level creator, which may or may not allow you to make missions harder by spawning in a bunch of unusually short men with bowler hats.

Deliver Us Mars tells an atmospheric story of survival on and above the Red Planet

It looks like Deliver Us Mars, the sequel to the highly regarded Deliver Us The Moon, is shaping up very well. This immersive third-person sci-fi adventure game follows the journey of Kathy, Earth’s youngest astronaut, as she embarks on a mission to Mars to try to recover the ARK colony ships that are the key to humanity’s survival. There’s wall-climbing, there’s sci-fi truck-driving, and some Hardspace Shipbreaker-esque slicing of panels and doors.

Stormgate is a F2P RTS from former Blizzard devs

Ahoy, pre-alpha footage of Stormgate, the sci-fantasy RTS from some of the minds behind Starcraft and Starcraft II. Only a tiny bit of it, mind, but its combined arms approach to faction battles should definitely look familiar to players of Blizzard’s series. Stormgate will be free to play “but not pay to win”, and will feature “no NFTs.” Didn’t ask, but good to know!

Laysara: Summit Kingdom will have you building cities on mountains next year

A gorgeous mountainside colony-building sim? Sign me the hell up. In Laysara: Summit Kingdom, coming early next year, you must expand your city from lowlands to high peaks, attempting to keep all three castes of your society happy in the process. Each mountain brings new challenges, forcing you to adapt to the environment in which you find yourself. The way the camera pans out from the little farms and houses to the mountain as a whole is just… *chef’s kiss*.

Frozen Flame takes supernatural survival to the tundras

Fantasy open-world survival RPG. Hot (cold?) on the heels of V Rising, Frozen Flame is an open world survival sim with snowy wastes in place of vampire castles. Your ultimate goal is to gain enough strength to mount an assault on a citadel and break a nasty curse; in the meantime, there’ll be plenty of crafting, hunting, building and what looks like some kind of diving bird possession. Hey, the power of flight is the power of flight.

Victoria 3 has some lovely-looking UI to show off

Next up, Paradox gave us a look at the latest instalment in their Victoria series. Victoria 3 asks you to step up and commit to the usual challenge of balancing economy, diplomacy, industry, and war with your very own 19th century society. We get plenty of glimpses in the trailer of some lovely UI elements, some extra-lovely oceans, and the promise of a release later this year.

Gloomwood gets an early access release date

New Blood Interactive showed off clips of so many games, switching so quickly, that frankly there wasn’t time to make any notes on them. Luckily there was a much more in-depth look at Gloomwood, their supernatural first-person stealth actioner with shades of the original Thief. It’s out in early access on August 16th.

Backfirewall showed off a trailer all about not showing off a trailer

A quirky trailer for Backfirewall gives us a lot of talking about the failure to produce a good trailer for Backfirewall, and ends up showing very little actual gameplay. It does however give us a decent idea of the kind of Stanley Parable-esque humour to expect from this mysterious narrative adventure game, which appears to be all about a self-aware OS that is trying to avoid being updated.

Them’s Fightin’ Herds has a new rambunctious trailer hailing its new update, out now

Here we got a glimpse of Them’s Fightin’ Herds version 3.0, which brings some balance tweaks and some new super moves to the cartoon barn brawler. DLC fighter and absolute donkey Shanty is now available for free, too.

Core Keeper’s Sunken Sea update adds boats and a new biome

Adorable pixel survival crafting game Core Keeper showed of its upcoming Sunken Sea update with a trailer that shows off the new boats you can use for travelling across the previously unassailable seas. The update will arrive in just a few days’ time, on 15th June, and will also add a new biome, a new boss, lots of new loot and plants and building items, and more.

Farthest Frontier, from the makers of Grim Dawn, is a city-builder coming in August

Not that you’d know it from this trailer, but Farthest Frontier is a city builder that has you starting a new town and new life “at the edge of the known world.” It does, at least, convey the frontier spirit vibe, though cold winters, raiders and the occasional disease will likely all challenge the fun side of an independent life.

Synergy’s calmly narrated trailer shows off a lovely looking city-building game

Well, now I’ve got an extra game on my wishlist. Synergy looks to be a really rather lovely city-building survival game, where you must expand your characters’ modest home on a hostile planet with an ever-changing environment and weather system. Expect lots of disasters looming their ugly heads, and lots of hard choice to be made.

The new Icarus: Styx Map Pack doubles the size of the existing map

This was plugging a recent release rather than anything new and upcoming, but nonetheless, here be a trailer for the Styx DLC of spacey survival game Icarus. It more or less doubles the overall map size, adding new opportunities and dangers alike. Mind the sand worm.

The show ended with an extended and impressive look at Half Life: Alyx - Levitation

To round off the PC Gaming Show, we got a good long look at Levitation, the highly anticipated mod for Half Life: Alyx. Here, Alyx fights her way through a variety of dangerous and unnerving enemies, in an extended trailer which does an impressive job of selling (or re-selling) one of the most well-crafted VR experiences out there. It looks like Levitation will give players another 5 or so hours in one of the most well-known and well-respected worlds in gaming.

Not E3 2022 is in full-swing - see everything in our E3 2022 hub, as well as our complete round-up of everything announced at Summer Game Fest 2022. Many more big game showcases and streams are still to come this summer, so make sure you stay up to date with our summer games stream schedule.

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