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The Result of all that Shipbuilding: Captain Forever

I've been meaning to go back and prod at this determinedly some more for a while, but Brandon Boyer mentioning it in his round-up of Indie Hotness makes me think I should just plug it and then bully Quinns into having a nose when he comes over later. As it's totally his sort of thing. Anyway, you know Farbs? Developer of the brilliant Rom Check Fail? Writer of the best I-quit statement in development history when he left 2K Australia? He's just started betaing his first commercial game, Captain Forever which is basically Asteroids meets Gratuitous Space Battles (inspired by Battleships Forever, natch). You fly around, shooting things. With the things you shoot off, you stick to your ship and turn into an enormoship with hyperguns. Footage and more stuff beneath the cut...

A full trailer...

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And a 15-second hypertrailer...

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2D Boy are digging it. The other interesting thing is... well, Farbs is using a Mount&Blade-esque funding method, where you can pay 15 dollars and get Beta access immediately. When it comes out, it'll be twenty dollars. Since there's no demo yet, that strikes me as a lot to pay sight unseen - so we'll definitely try to go back and have a proper nose as soon as possible. Because conceptually, this really is rather splendid.

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