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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 23

It's Thursday night and the feeling's right for podcast. A new one. Here. Alec and Kieron gather to discuss important matters in the world of videogames - Blood Bowl, Morrowind, Legends of Valour, Alien (Spectrum), other assorted gaming loves and lots of other random stuff. Full break-down can be found beneath the cut, as well as subscription malarkies. Go!

00:00 Brief LL Cool J channeling.
00:50 Alec does some basic mathematics.
01:30 Kieron is incredibly crude. For too long. Bringing Deusexy back, etc.
02:50 We start to pick over the Gaming Made Me and go for a metaphor involving the Beasties' Sabotage.
03:10 Well, we talk about Star Trek First. We're incorrigible.
03:50 And onto Megan Fox. Seriously, we're going to get onto games eventually.
04:30 And we're finally onto talking about games. The Hobbit! It was Alec's first game too. Cultural import and weight.
08:50 Kieron goes on his first rant about Blood Bowl's lobby system. Open Beta gags.
09:30 Moving onto the Hobbit's sequel, The Lord of the Rings. Kieron says a lot of stupid things.
10:40 The joy of big ol' boxes.
11:10 Back to the Lord of the Rings and why it's shit. Fundamentally, it's not like the book.
12:30 How Kieron would do a Terminator game. He actually thinks it's how Bethesda did their first one, but can't be sure.
13:00 And we move onto Alien on the Spectrum, and why Introversion should rip it off and make some money.
13:30 Ripley, Alec's cat appears. Kieron says something cute to it. Is he drunk?
15:30 Aliens UK and why Kieron tried to talk Jordan Thomas into playing it, as it's how I'd do Bioshock 2. Here's the freeware retro-remake version, LV-426.
18:10 Onto Legend of Valour and how doing an RPG in a single city could be glorious.
20:05 Why Legends of Valour showed that maybe it's not worth doing fighting at all...
22:15 A little about The Monkey Island.
23:00 Kieron almost shits himself at a Tim Stone related pun.
24:05 Kieron is also pleased that his Blood Bowl key hasn't been canceled. Eventually. After being distracted by an amazingly fat man.
27:30 Christ! Kieron's really going on about Blood Bowl.
29:15 Joke... falls... flat.
32:45 Alec finally gets a chance to give his opinion on Blood Bowl.
35:10 Alec's mainly been playing Morrowind, as you all know. But he's got more adventures to come and we plan how to make an enormous pyre of Cliff Racers.
36:40 The problem of side-quests versus narrative thrust. Kieron plays backseat designer some more.
40:45 How Morrowind makes it harder to go back to Oblivion, despite the better mechanisms. What will Bethesda do next?
43:30 Alec's unbelievable local Mario and... twitter quick fire answers! Kieron sings. Alec hails the wrong Monster Munch.
45:10 Actually onto the real twitter answers. Also, Greek fire, cats purring, dogs looking up.
49:00 Ooh! Mechwarrior 5. Kieron hasn't read the Internet today.
50:30 And C&C4! It's like the mid-nineties are back-back-back. Kieron actually makes a dakkadakkadakka noise.
51:40 The quirky french aesthetic and its death. Kieron is getting increasingly spacey. Also, Fahrenheit's Funk Orchestra and our lack-thereof.
54:00 A little on developers not engaging with games journalists. Also, lots of slagging.
58:30 And an obvious cut where I remove something involving picking a fight which probably wasn't wise.
58:45 A high five and a goodbye!

Also: get the mp3 directly from here, visit its own site here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here.

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