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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 35

There is yabber in the world again. A week or so back, Quinns and I got together and did a podcast. It's now available. We did over Skype, however, so while Kieron's new mic was being in oddly good form, Quinns' was a bit off. We decided to take up the offer of one of the people who've said they'd do some processing for us. Mr Hockel had a tweak, and we praise him with choirs of Ursine-Angels. It sounds splendid to me, generally, with the bigger problem more Quinns leaning back too often. And me too, for that matter. Man, our mic technique is rubbish. Anyway - you can get it directly from here, subscribe via RSS here or Itunes here. And for a break down of what we talk about, please find below...

00:00 It's sexy Leigh Alexander!
00:05 Introductions. Bitching about Leigh Alexander and her playing Bayonetta and her fancy real New York Friends. Also, Devil may cry and crotch-shots.
01:40 What have we been playing this week? Well, Solium Infernum. The war in hell is never ending.
03:10 The phrase "me and a guy called Scrofula" appears.
04:05 We talk around the issue of Quinns being best.
10:00 We talk about the all-star game we're in. We're going to be crushed!
12:30 Lying in bed, talking to girlfriends about Solium Infernum.
14:00 We go to the questions! Sex in Games! How would we do it! We said "do it". Man! We are also VERY MEAN to other members of RPS.
17:30 Talking about a poetry reading thing! He'll write about the games anthology eventually, I'm sure. Coin Opera!
20:10 Is Halo's plot thin unless you immerse yourself in the "extra bullshit"? We never get around to answering the questions. We also forget Halo 2 and 3 exist for a long time. We're heroes!
28:30 We segue over to Assassin's Creed for a bit, as an example of a sequel whose plot was better. Or so says Quinns.
30:45 Modern Warfware 2's No Russian. Bullshit? But fun to write about. Also, Kieron gets proper angry.
34:20 Batman Arkham Asylum 2's trailer! Quinns thought the original was tight, and we talk about it some more. You'll be amazed how far we can stretch talking about a single rope.
39:00 And a little about Photopia on the topic.
42:30 What Top 10 books would you recommend to gamers? We fumble around for a bit talking Iain Banks and similar. Kieron totally gets Micromégas' title wrong. FAIL IN POSTURING.
50:30 Quinns is very mean about x25killa's name. And then we talk about what games' we're looking forward to. The moment when Quinns realises who Jordan Thomas is very funny.
54:15 We go back to Arkham Asylum 2 and talk about how we'd do co-op in it. Kieron thinks he wouldn't, but is proved conclusively wrong.
56:30 Words which rhyme with Animal? Some maths stuff? WHAT ARE THESE QUESTIONS.
56:50 Why was Modern Warfare 1 less linear than Quake 1. We move on to talking about the new Medal of Honor.
59:45 Who is best at the fighty games?
1:00:40 Are complains about consolisation really about simplification? Quinns can't bear to open the can of worms.
1:02:00 How do Valve continue to make money from TF2? And stuff?
1:04:00 Oh shit. We're talking about Left 4 Dead 2.
1:05:10 Elite 4? Kieron goes totally Daily Mail.
1:08:00 And we wrap it up. Go home!

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