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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 39

Alec! Kieron! An oddly alien-robot Quinns! We gathered on the Internet last week. Mr Hockel had a prod at it to improve its quality over the weekend. AND NOW WE PRESENT THE RESULTS! You can download it directly from here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here. Contents include! DRM, Bioshock 2 and other stuff! And a full list of everything follows. Hurrah!

00:00: Harmony? Kind of. An intro? Definitely.
00:40: An awkward cut and bullying meaness.
01:10: Quinns whines about not having a Star Craft 2 Beta. Alec and I talk about the Knife Fight in the quick impressions post.
01:45: A cheery discussion about Ubisoft's wonderful DRM system. Kieron fails to remember something properly about DRM. Is he right? Is he wrong? Who can tell. People with google and/or memories, that's who. Talking MMOs are hidden DRM, the problem with Internet angriness, the total contempt going on and... well, what if it works?
12:45: What about the new Command & Conquer stuff?
14:20: Has Bioshock 2 multiplayer got shit connectivity or something? It's pretty good if you get it working though.
17:20: The shame of the Bioshock 2 ideas that died. Sniff. But... it's better, isn't it? The stuff that works. The stuff that doesn't.
21:45: Okay. Bioshock 3. How would you do it? Kieron sez The Chaos Engine meets The Fly, basically.
26:30: Why doesn't Quinns write more often for RPS?
26:45: What would we like to see added in the Steam update? What do we think of the Steam update. Nitpicking eventually follows. Also, egomania.
29:00: Quinns gets us to do some searching on Steam to check the prices, to see how they differ between Ireland and the UK. Fascinating listening, I'm sure. But the actual result are horrifying.
30:10: Call or Pripyiat versus Metro 2033. Kieron reveals he doesn't read our own site. What a wanker! Alec talks about the differences, and insults Aliens Versus Predator a bit. Which segues into a whole discussion about the history of regenerating health. Wow! This whole section is terribly ill-thought out.
32:40: Okay. We try to talk about Starcraft 2. And... no fighting. Yet. I'll say this - it's funny to listen us talk about SC2 a week ago. Ah, we were so young and naive then.
37:25: Kieron makes a very unfortunate metaphor which leads to Quinns making a very unfortunate metaphor which leads to... Supreme Commander 2 vs Starcraft 2.
39:40: Has any game designed as an eSports game ever worked? Kieron insults Painkiller.
40:50: Is Monaco any good? More importantly, is Jim any good?
42:00: Eve and the Eve-console-FPS-thing. The potential of cross-game influencing.
43:30: Quinns has another little cry about not having a Starcraft 2 beta key before going back to Monaco. And then exciting homo-eroticism.
45:20: Civilization 5. Is it going to be any good? Probably. We wonder what's the point and go through some alternative ideas for Civ spin-offs.
50:50: Quinns on Allods Online and a lack of understanding of the history of Western Europe.
54:30: We start talking about Mass Effect 2... and realise we don't have time to get into it.
54:45: And Kieron's been playing Freespace 2. Which is wonderful and he talks about it, even though he doesn't have much time.
58:20: We end as we started - with sarcasm and bullying. Hurrah!

You can get it from here. We said that earlier though. Pay attention!

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