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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 45: Stern!

Indeed. It is true. We've put our mouths in front of a microphone and made noises at it once again. Only not very much this time, I'm afraid. Instead, the bulk of the larynx-gymnastics originate from Splash Damage's Senior Game Designer Ed Stern, who's behind most of the words and a whole lot of other things in Brink.

Also making vocal appearances are a cartel of RPS readers who attended the recent Eurogamer Expo, at which this chat was held. They had questions. They asked them. Ed answered. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Many Bothans died.

If that still isn't enough mumbly Britvoices for you, you'll be glad to hear RPS' Alec Meer (I hate that guy), Quintin Smith and Karen Gillan or someone were also in attendance, chiming in with matters relevant, string-related or just plain rude.

You can listen to it below; I'm going to spare you the usual breakdown for this one, as unlike Wireless Show Classic Edition, as everyone is certainly calling them, this doesn't really roam topics all that much. It's largely about Brink, but gag-packed as well as fact-packed. He's very good value for money, that Mr Stern.

Includes: discussion about talking string, the Village People and how many words rhyme with Brink.

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Alas, a system bug that we would really like our podcast hosts to get back to us about now please means this is unlikely to end up on iTunes any time soon. Sorry about that.

But you can download it here and manually copy it to your iDevice or whatever else you people like to stick into your ears these days. Also sorry about the big CLUNK noise at the start, by the way.

Or! You can watch it below, via the webcam on Kieron's netbook. It's a little in the area of stop-frame animation and the sound's on the tinny side, but at least you can see who's saying what. You could try muting it and playing it at the same time as the audio file, like fuzzy Powerpoint slides in a lecture.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

Thanks to Ed, and everyone who attended on the day. YOU DID WELL.

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