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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show: Episode 1

Yes indeed, we finally did it. A podcast. Well, half of us did. Kieron and John got together in John's squalid bedroom and recorded 45 minutes of the highest quality PC games-based banter you're ever likely to hear (if you can understand Kieron's hyper-speed Midlands-twang). They only made one mistake. They recorded it on a toaster.

So, be warned. What we're linking to here is of utterly abysmal sound quality. No one in their right mind would be willing to put out something that sounds like two broken robots being drowned in a bathtub. Fortunately, there are no right minds here, so you get to hear it. But you've been warned. (And it's all perfectly audible). So NO complaints about sound quality. Not one. We know. We know. We know. Anyone who complains will be put to death.

Below the jump is a running order of the inanity. Plus links to the potential RSS feed. This is all highly experimental at this point, and we've no idea whether it will all work. Definitely post if you're having trouble getting it. BUT NOT ABOUT THE SOUND QUALITY.

Running Order

0:00 Pointless Rambly Embarassed Intro
2:29 John Walker loves that World of Goo.
7:02 Kieron spoils a World of Goo puzzle just to illustrate how amazing it is.
9:12 Kieron Gillen loves that Warhammer Online.
13:25 Kieron realises that he’s ranting, but it doesn’t seem to stop him.
17:00 John finally gets a chance to tell some anecdotes about Warhammer and visiting Mythic.
19:35 And that’s enough about Warhammer. Now, Multiwinia!
21:30 Kieron segues into the joy of Chaos on the Spectrum, before going back into Multiwinia.
23:30 John tries to get Kieron to say something about Subversion, but he doesn’t know nowt. Well, nearly nowt…
25:30 Kieron releases a new and ill-thought out theory: the renaissance of the puzzle game.
29:55 John tells the story about the Audiosurf Moneyhat.
32:25 The PC Gamer podcast, the PC Gamer showdown and slander about the PC Gamer staff.
36:10 The Eurogamer event – and a possible RPS event in London. Involving drinking.
37:20 Insulting readers 1 and 4, but loving 2 and 3. And the joy of the RPS TF2 server and guilds.
39:10 Kieron’s off to see LOTR:Online: Mines of Moria. John’s in Private Eye. And John explains Private Eye.
42:10 Our favourite podcasts.
43:55 John Walker tells a story involving incest and a major industry PR man.
44:40 And we decide to stop.

The RSS feed is here. Although there will obviously be a gap while we figure out how to record it so it doesn't sound this poor. Direct mp3 download is here. We'll be on iTunes in a bit - that's just processing at the moment. Will edit in the link. EDIT: And here's the link!

So, as well as complaints that it doesn't work, please post your thoughts and feedback below. BUT NOT ABOUT THE SOUND QUALITY. Let us know if it's too long, not long enough, too funny for your mind to cope with, that sort of thing.

And while you're at it, don't forget the One Life Left podcast, which we love very much.

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