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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 2

Yes indeed, a second RPS podcast! They said it couldn't be done. They look like fools now. This time Kieron and John found themselves at the PC Gamer Showdown, huddled into a hotel room, sat on the novelty-sized hotel room beds, full of hangover and cold respectively. We discuss the Showdown, the games we've been playing, and who Kieron was once insultingly compared to.

But what you care about most is the sound quality! It's... slightly better, but still an impromptu recording on an mp3 player, not helped by Kieron boiling the world's loudest kettle in the background. See below for the running order.

Running Order

0.01 - Kieron explains the dangers of alcohol
0.23 - Where we are - at the PC Gamer Showdown
0.57 - The mysterious bosom game
2.20 - Introversion's impressive after-sales support
3.02 - Forgetting the names of our readers
3.51 - Kieron has a problem
4.35 - Why Left 4 Dead is awesome
10.08 - Who should you vote for at the Games Media Awards?
11.38 - Chet Faliszek is not a short, bald man
12.02 - Kieron Gillen's Saved By The Bell Story
14.10 - John Walker is a moron, who calls Warhammer "Warcraft". He apologises in hindsight.
14.15 - Paul Barnett IS a genius
15.50 - Kieron says a VERY BAD THING
16.40 - John shouts FAR too loud
17.00 - Far Cry 2
18.10 - Kieron auditions for Butlins
19.20 - Fear in games
22.00 - Games that get ignored
23.15 - Singles 2, Kieron's favourite game
27.44 - Libel corner
28.24 - Where are Jim and Alec?
30.16 - Tales of youth work
31.43 - Back to World Of Goo
34.23 - Kieron... or JC Denton?!
35.30 - The Strong Bad episodes
37.50 - Trying to remember Deathspank
40.44 - Running out of things to say
42.11 - The End

It's on iTunes, or can be directly downloaded from here. Let us know what thoughts it causes in your head below.

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