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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 22

Well cor and blimey, it's a new podcast. Sorry about the delay since the last - we all lost our feet, and then were trapped by elephants. Recovered and recompiled, Jim and John spoke out loud into a recording microphone, and now offer the result to the warm folds of your ear. Sat on John's patio, surrounded by cats and revving engines, we soaked in the warm July sun and chatted about matters of PC importance. Matters such as the nature of previewing, Burnout Paradise, and which playground games should be made for PC.

Our minds cooking in the sun a great deal of insightful, witty and erudite commentary is ignored in favour of rambling about stuff and nonsense. But through the fog comes discussion of the tragedy of John's Burnout Paradise save, ArmA 2, and Battlefield Heroes. There's also discussion of the leftovers of E3, Jim's come-down from Eve, and why John rambles aimlessly when he talks about previewing.

There's also vital discussion of neighbourhood cats, when John drew graffiti all over his car, and the role almonds play on Women's Hour. It's the sort of vital information you can't afford to miss.

There's also a podcast exclusive competition, details in the sound itself, for which you'll want to send your entries to this link (don't change the subject line one tiny bit or you will definitely be ignored by our giant robot sorting machine).

It's not the loudest ever, and I'm sorry about that. I did lots of boosting magics, but you know what, that's what your volume knob's for. Crank it! To the max!

So get the mp3 directly from here, visit its own site here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here.

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