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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 24

What ho! A podcasting we did go. And a merry old blah blah something. Jim and John squeezed into the RPS telephone box to record a new podcast, where we not only mentioned subjects, but then went on to discuss them. Amongst that which exited our mouth was the nature of open world gaming, easter eggs in The Dig, why Bookworm Adventures was great, and what defines an MMO.

Jim's been playing lots of GTA IV and Far Cry 2, while John's been dwelling in the past with the likes of The Dig. Both have THINGS to say about them. But there's other more important matters, like, hey, why are dustbins called dustbins? And why is RPS the number one search result for their origins. Find out how John cheated at Boggle! Find out how little Jim cares about Bookworm Adventures! Hear us discuss Scott Kevill's Game Ranger!

There's our important thoughts on the silly release schedules of silly publishers for the PC. There's pondering on the prospects of Natal for PC. There's supposition over the state of Alan Wake for the PC. It's about PC games, see! Also a couple of words on the futuristic worlds where no one needs consoles or powerful computers. And then we meander aimlessly through the definition of the MMO. It's all just bloody brilliant.

So get the mp3 directly from here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here.

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