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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 28

It's been a while since the other two have podcasted. It's going to be a while yet. But half of the other two and Quinns have got together via the wonders of internetchat to do an electronic wireless show. You can download it here, if you are one of those direct-download sorts. You can also subscribe to it by RSS here, or get it on iTunes from here. Sound quality is a little lower than usual, with some hiss, but everything's audible, so whining will be frowned at. Kieron will totally buy a better mike soon. Probably this one. No, really.

Topics include, Arkham Asylum, Champions, AI War and much more. The full run-list follows...

00:00: The start, a very good place to start.
00:50: The secrets we have. Games journalist Popbitch. How down market can RPS go?
02:00: How Quinns packs ala Diablo. Quinns man-crushing on Tim Rogers. Kieron's lack of fashion.
03:05: Quinns has been playing the shit out of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Kieron hasn't. Alec will be, the bastard. Quinns thinks it's "tight".
04:40: How To Negotiate With Terrorists.
07:00: Games Journalists being impressed by basic phenomenological phenomena.
09:40: Back to Batman. Why is it actually good?
13:00: Does the slutiness bother Quinns? And in the Batman game.
14:00: Kieron feels disconnected from pop culture last week because he was playing AI War last weekend. We talk about that, and Quinns' Iron problem.
15:50: The horror of Astrotrains.
19:15: The limitations of the human brains and strategy games. Kieron's brain is particularly limited.
25:05: Quinns is playing everything on hard. He tells us about it. Kieron brags a bit about playing Champions. Risk and excitement and similar.
33:00: Best thighs in gaming? We discuss it a bit too seriously.
34:45: When did mature and entertaining games writing become mutually exclusive? Asks the_B. We answer. At length, hailing Consolevania, Old Man Murray and Amiga Power. Kieron also makes himself even less employable by Edge than ever.
41:15: Games Workshop are doing a new version of Space Hulk. We talk about it. Kieron's still hasn't arrived! Here's Rab unwrapping his box, the bastard. Also, talking about the joy of living solely through stuff ordered through the mail.
47:15: Something about the Now show. We think it may be Walker's podcast. It's not! But go listen to it.
48:00: Quinns becomes an Angry Podcast Man about Battlefield 1943.
49:45: The future of control systems. In fact, the future generally.
54:00: And Kieron finally gets around to talking about Champions and how it's a lot like City of Heroes, but not necessarily in a bad way.
59:10: Severs versus Shards. The advantages and disadvantages of both, and Kieron hypothetises a hybrid model.
1:00:01: And we wrap it up, with a little nod towards the void.

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