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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 7

Yes, yes indeed, it's back. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show returns after an embarrassing amount of time. Jim and John get together to discuss the most important gaming news of the week, such as the opening of Half-Life, snowmen, and why you should give your children the MMR vaccine. However, we also manage to squeeze in discussions about Men Of War, Burnout Paradise, and EA's slippery release schedule.

In a new and exciting twist, we also take quite a lot of our lead from Twitter. This is something we plan to do in future, and hopefully using RPS' Twitter account. (However, just for the moment neither of us knows the password for that one, so we used mine. We're a slick machine!)

Get the mp3 directly from this word here. Get it from the hosty site here. And find it on iTunes, and bring us back into the charts where we belong, here.

It's a pretty quiet one. Our lovely new mic seems determined to be insanely quiet, no matter how loud it's told to be. If anyone knows how to fix this, let us know. For now, I've boosted the volume considerably, and it's still pretty low. And listen out for the special guest appearance of my creaky chair.

Useful links:

Bad Science. And specifically the Barnett incident.

My snowman.

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