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The Sims 4 Tries City Living With Next Expansion

The Big City

The big city! Bright lights! Pop-up shops! Festivals! Karaoke! Worthless landlords! Angry neighbours! Ah yes, the big city. Land of one thousand dreams! Land of six hundred crushed dreams! Yes indeed, the big city. The siren call of high-rise living! Culture so bleeding edge you're almost thankful when the carmine puddle you stepped in this morning turns out to only be vomit. Where else but the big city. And what feeds this pounding heart? Arteries of road and rail carrying fresh erythrocytes from the towns, the suburbs, each bearing their precious cargo of deposit + first two months' rent + credit check fee + reference check fee + social media check fee + misc. admin fees.

That's what City Living, the next expansion for dolls house simulator The Sims 4 [official site], is all about. Mostly. Some of that, anyway. A bit. A bit of it.

Here's how Electronic Arts would like you to think of life in the city of San Myshuno:

The most important question: what happened to pop songs sung in Simlish? Katy Perry did it. Lily Allen was onboard. Even Depeche Mode are up for it. Tegan and Sara here are singing in plain ol' English. What happened to being patrons of vital art, EA?

£29.99/$39.99 when it arrives for Windows and Mac on November 3rd. That's not cheap but hey, at least it'll be almost a year since the last Sims 4 expansion pack (not counting add-ons); some Sims 3 expansions arrived only two or three months apart.

I do hope Pip will continue to perfectly replicate our friendship with City Living.

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