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The Sims 4 gets crafty with Nifty Knitting later this month


"Are you ready for your new knitting obsession", EA asks, knowing full well it is the height of summer. Nevertheless, the next The Sims 4's stuff pack is, indeed, Nifty Knitting - adding a full wool wash worth of knitted goods for your Sims to weave, wear, and (eventually) monetise, all from the comfort of their sturdy rocking chair come July 28th. Just, maybe stick to knitted vests instead of sweaters, aye? It's still sweltering out.

EA announced the new pack with a new trailer - a tragedy, really, following the sad tale of a man who loses himself down a spiral of self-obsessed knitwork that alienates himself from his family, his work and, eventually, himself. A real tear-jerker.

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As per the official Nifty Knitting page, this month's Stuff Pack lets you pick up a yarn basket and start crafting all manner of hats, scarves, and household doodads. As your Sim improves, they'll be able to start crafting more complex goods for their friends and family. Patterned rugs, embroidered wall hangings, plush animals and, as sharp-eyed readers will note, that delightful Yarny feller off the Unravel games.

Of course, in our capitalist hell reality, what good is a pastime if you can't profit off it? Luckily, your Sim can now make an account on Plopsy, an Etsy-styled crafting marketplace that lets you list anything you create - or else buy items you're not quite ready to craft yourself. Once you've placed an order, why not relax in a new rocking chair. A new Reminiscence interaction will be sure to bore any pesky, visiting grandchildren you've been lumped with for the weekend.

Expect to untangle more on this pack's new clothing, decorations, and interactions closer to The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting's release on Steam and Origin on July 28th.

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