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The Sims 4 is refreshing its Spa Day pack with nail art and wellness gigs

Long nails at long last

The Sims 4 has gotten a heck of a lot of DLC game packs and expansions over the years and now Maxis are going back to give some extra love to one of them. One of the earliest game packs, from back in 2015, was Spa Day which added things like yoga, meditation, and massages. Maxis have doubled down on the relaxation with new wellness aspirations, the ability to earn money in wellness gigs, and, for the first time, actual nail art. Here's everything that's being added to the pack, and some bits for the base game, next week.

The refresh on Spa Day (the game pack DLC you'll need to own to get most of these additions) introduces quite a lot of new features including new welness-focused aspirations for your Sims, the ability to make money in wellness gigs, facial masks, and oh yes, nail polish thank goodness. They show off all that in the new trailer for the revamped Spa Day down here:

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On the personality side, Sims can have the High Maintenance trait which will make them more likely to need or want things like manicures or massages to stay in a good mood. There are also three new aspirations: Self-Care Specialist who wants to monetize their wellness gigs, the Zen Guru who wants to share wellness with the world through training, and Inner Peace which makes a Sim who wants to use wellness to be as personally positive as possible.

Over in Live Mode, there are several additions too. Sims can now tend to massage chairs and other wellness activities and earn money for leading yogo classes or doing manicures. Kids can participate in both of those activities too—progressing their skills by practicing yoga and also having their nails done.

Oh yes, fingernails and toenails are now both accessory categories in Create A Sim as well. The base game is getting four sets of nails—and plenty more than than when modders get their own hands on things I'm sure. Modders have been adding nails to The Sims 4 for years but this will be the first time they're officially cusomisable.

Maxis called in one such popular modder to design nails for the spa day refresh, even. Livestreamer and custom content creator "EbonixSims" created one of the nail sets and its swatches for the pack. It's the real fancy set up top there with different patterns and nail shapes. Ebonix says she pulled inspiration for her nail designs from all sorts of examples including her own actual nails over the years.

You can catch a closer look at all the Spa Day refresh content and some more thoughts from Ebonix on collaborating with Maxis in the developer livestream or in the new game pack page.

The Spa Day game pack refresh arrives next Tuesday, September 7th.

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