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The Sims 4 players are flooding their homes with the new pond tool

That's an expensive renovation waiting to happen

The Sims 4's latest expansion Cottage Living has just recently launched, bringing with it a free base game update. In among all the new additions is the Pond Tool, which some folks are using to build lovely water features outside their idyllic countryside homes. Others are making monstrous, flooded disaster lots. Which is a thing that the pond tool does apparently let you do.

As spotted by PC Gamer, some Sims 4 players are flooding the #ShowUsYourBuilds hashtag on Twitter with actual flooded houses.

I would like to be surprised by this development but I must say I'm not. One of the best parts of simulation games is figuring out how to bend the rules in silly ways and this sure does qualify. I gave it a quick try myself in the Pancake residence. It seems like adding water to rooms will delete your doors, so if you want a functional pond house for some reason you'll need to have gaps in your walls instead.

This is all part of the new water tool in The Sims 4's Build Mode. Now whenever you lower parts of a lot with the Terrain Tool you can also use the Water Tool to fill them up. There are other related base game additions as well, such as pond effects like ducks, the ability for Sims to play in the water, and new pond object decor items as well.

You can also spot the non-pond base game additions in the Sims 4 patch notes. The calendar function, previously part of the Seasons expansion, is now accessible in the base game for spotting birthdays and the like. A new food delivery service called Zoomers allows your Sims to call in for meals instead of cooking.

If you do happen to be checking out the new expansion, Rebecca has some tips for you on how to change animal colors. You wouldn't want to have the least interesting llama at the fair, would you?

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