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The Weekly News Digest: are you A. Wake?

Read all about it!

If you've not been following PC games goings-on across the week, catch up on some of the big stories quick in our noncomprehensive Weekly News Digest. Do also read The Updates Update for some of the week's notable patches and updates.

Parliament Committee recommends regulating loot boxes

A UK Parliament Committee published a report into "immersive and addictive technologies," including a recommendation that the government regulate certain types paid loot box behaviours under gambling law. The report's really quite a good read.

A Plague Tale: Innocence has a demo now

Come meet the cute kiddies sneaking through rat hell!

Folks who worked with Nicalis called out the boss

Various people who worked for or with the dev-o-publisher have complained about the behaviour of founder Tyrone Rodriguez. Edmund McMillen, who's had several games published by Nicalis, has said he won't work with the company in future.

Resident Evil is getting another multiplayer spin-off

Project Resistance will be a 4v1 multiplayer murderfest pitting humans against a zombielord in control of the mutant hordes. For all Resident Evil 7 reset the tone of the series, Capcom are evidently still up to their old oddities.

System Shock 3 is still happening

It's still a surprise to me so it feels like news every time. Check out the new trailer.

Control looks like it'll rouse Alan Wake

The shameless (but really quite delightful) SCP rip-off looks like it'll expand those brief Alan Wake appearances with a whole expansion. Probably? Next year. Boo.

Deadly Premonition 2 isn't coming to PC

Or so PR people say. PR people wouldn't lie to me. Would they? WOULD THEY? God damn, but I want it.

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