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The Weekly Updates Update: fixing history

Patch me up

In all the hubbub of the week, you might've missed some of the patches and updates rolled out to games. Presenting the Weekly Updates Update, a noncomprehensive roundup of new maps and characters and balance tweaks and fixes and such which caught my eye over the week.

Celeste bid Farewell

The ninth chapter, named Farewell, arrived today with one hundred new levels. New music and all.

Civilization VI added a battle royale mode?

Red Death is no joke. Really.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey opened its Discovery Tour

The nonviolent and educational tourism mode returns. Learn about Ancient Greece by not stabbing men.

Steam overhauled recommendations

Hey, this is an update. The many places Steam slaps in recommendations should now show things you're more interested in.

Slay The Spire's fourth character is now in beta

The Watcher isn't ready to launch in full but you can opt into the beta branch to check out her moves. I am still learning how best to play her and enjoying the experience. She's weird! And good! I think? I don't know!

Total Warhammer 2 overhauled the Empire

Accompanying the latest paid expansion, a big ol' free update with overhauls and a new lord and other things arrived for all players.

Remnant: From The Ashes added Adventure Mode

This lets you re-roll biomes to bash bosses and jack loot they hadn't got to see. It's more localised than rerolling the whole thing and starting over.

Mordhau added a new mode

Invasion mode has one team try to capture series of objectives while the other try to stop 'em.

GOG Galaxy gets a big ol' update

GOG's optional client now lets you build your library of games and cheevos and things across all platforms in one huge terrifying list.

Sea Of Thieves added a microtransaction store

It sells pets for cash. You can fire the pets out a cannon. Pirates should not be allowed pets.

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