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Total Warhammer 2 unleashes huge dinos in new DLC and free update


A chonky crocman today rises from the jungles of Total War: Warhammer II in new DLC as a new Legendary Lord leading a new faction, opposed by the Empire's Hunstmarshal. Nakai the Wanderer and Markus Wulfhart come with their own goals, tricks, and units. Those two are paid DLC but developers Creative Assembly today also launched a big ol' free update for their fantasy strat 'em up. This brings an overhaul for Empire factions in the Mortal Empires campaign, buffs for the Slann, a new Lizardlord, and bug fixes. Mostly I'm here for dinosaurs.

Today's new DLC is The Hunter & The Beast, out now on Steam for £7/€9/$9. The two new factions have opposing goals, with Wulfhart out to conquer the land for the Empire and Nakai trying to cleanse it of invaders. Nakai will need to purge Wulfhart and his Hunters, while Wulfhart's aggression will lead to increased retaliation from the Lizardmen. They have their own systems and special units and that, including some extra large dinosaurs for Nakai. The Hunter & Beast FAQ explains more about the new lads and all.

Here, have a look in this Hunter & Beast narrated gameplay video:

Cover image for YouTube video

You don't need to buy the DLC to see Nakai and Wulfhart, mind, only to play as them. They've also been added to the pool of factions enemies can play, whether you buy the DLC or not, so you might see them around. I suppose that makes them moving adverts for the DLC, but they're also welcome variety and colour so hey, bonus.

The 'Empire Undivided' update today also gives the Empire a kick up the jacksy in the Mortal Empire campaign. They have a reworked tech tree, new forts, new provinces and territories in Empire territory, and stripping out the Empire Offices system with all sorts of newness. See the patch notes for more on today's free changes for all players.

Also free but technically separate is another new Legendary Lord for the Lizardman, Gor-Rok. This new tricerachap is classed as free DLC because reasons.

Creative Assembly also drop a mention that the next main update will be less dramatic.

"The next update we're planning will focus more on technical maintenance and quality-of-life improvements, rather than faction or race overhauls, which will then resume in subsequent future patches. So if you're waiting for a particular set of older content to get an update, we hear you, and hang tight!"

Enough about that, these new DLCaurs sure are big:

Cover image for YouTube video

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