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Free Beards And Horse Armour: The Witcher 3 DLC Plans

Sixteen free DLC bits coming

"We wouldn't fill anyone's eyes with needles," CD Projekt RED say. "Some people, they... wellll... but not us. We wouldn't. In fact, we quite like you. We're not even sure what needles really are. [Yelling into the next booth] Say, Gary, have you seen any needles?" Something like that, anyway.

Reminding people that The Witcher's post-release support has been splendid, not like those other RPGs other people make (without mentioning many patches were necessary because both games were wonky at launch), they've announced plans to release sixteen pieces of free DLC for The Witcher 3 over the weeks and months after its release. Whether you pre-order or not, they say. No matter which edition you buy, they say.

These sixteen DLC blobs will come in batches of two every week, starting on February 25th - the day after The Witcher 3 launches. The first round of DLC will bring an armour set for Geralt and his horse, along with new beards and hairstyles. The second lot, on March 4th, will bring a new costume for Geralt's pal Yennefer and a new quest. After that, it's all a mystery.

Receiving free stuff for a game after launch feels "really special", they say. That's certainly true, and I'm glad I'll be getting freebies in The Witcher 3. And while the first two Witchers did need a lot of patching, RED did far more than they could've got away with. I'm only being a bit shirty because they're playing to the audience with talk like this:

Unfortunately this treatment is quite rare these days. As gamers, we nowadays have to hold on tight to our wallets, as surprisingly right after release, lots of tiny pieces of tempting content materialize with a steep price tag attached. Haven't we just paid a lot of cash for a brand new game?

All right, all right, simmer down, you're rousing the drunks at the back of the bar. I don't go around flogging bucketloads of DLC either, and no one ever tweeted my praises to the skies.

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