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The Witcher 3 Has Better Hair Than You

On Nvidia cards, anyway

This is why you don't schedule meetings for 5pm on a Friday. I can just picture the team at Nvidia sitting there, itching to get home. “Last item on the agenda. What can we name the new GameWorks hair effects?” A pregnant pause and some furtive looks towards the door. Someone at the back eventually pipes up. "...HairWorks?" A growing murmur of approval and some scooting of chairs later, here we are: with a trailer showing off a bunch of cool physics effects in The Witcher 3 [official site] (including, yep, HairWorks) exclusive to those of you with Nvidia cards. Looks like AMD fans are stuck with less luscious locks than their Geforce friends.

As stupid as the name is, the tech is pretty impressive, as you can see from the trailer below. You'll also notice vastly improved cloth physics and destructive particle effects, but the main focus seems to be on that hair. That luscious, full, shimmering hair that you just want to run your hand through, even if it does belong to the ugliest troll you’ve ever met.

To see all this in-game, you'll need to update your Nvidia drivers. You can grab them from the Geforce website or through the Geforce Experience client, so you'll be all set as soon as The Witcher 3 drops. Which is just a few hours away. We've only just received review code, so we'll be telling you wot we think as soon as we can.

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