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The Witcher 3 Explores A Village For Pigs In New Free DLC

Talk with the animals

"Geralt and a village idiot team up to learn the secret of an abandoned village inhabited entirely by pigs." I'll give you a second to read that again. Sounds fun, doesn't it? What larks will surely ensue!

See for yourself, as it's a new quest released today for The Witcher 3 [official site] as part of its weekly free 'DLC' drops. Witching Wednesday, developers CD Projekt RED could call it. This week's other pack is pretty alternative art for a few Gwent cards. All this arrives after the announcement that - gosh! - it sold four million copies in its first two weeks across all platforms.

That new quest, named Fool's Gold, has enemies of only around levels 4-6 (as far as I played into the quest just now, anyway), but everyone can enjoy investigating pigs with the village idiot. He says things like "wazzack" and "zounds". I got a few smiles out of playing the start and look forward to seeing the rest after work (I imagine it's short). You can pick up the quest by visiting the village of Lurtch in Velen, which is east of Crow's Perch.

The other pack this week is alternative Gwent card art for the neutral characters like Ciri, Zoltan, Dandelion, Vesemir, Geralt, and so on. It's nothing major, but the art's pretty with lots of grand fantasy poses and I'll be using it over the default art.

Oh aye, maybe RED could release all this right now smashed into a 'patch' if they wanted to, rather than mete it out in small doses under the name 'DLC', but the game's hardly short of things to do is it? It's nice to have new things drawing me back as my attention is distracted by other games too.

The usual method applies to downloading this week's two packs. We're now half-way through the sixteen planned bits of free DLC.

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