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This fantastic Deus Ex cosplay even nails JC Denton's weird mouth movement

Stay out of the ladies restroom

JC Denton talking in a Deus Ex screenshot.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Eidos

Today I'm just tickled pink seeing an excellent Deus Ex cosplayer fully step into the role of JC Denton, funny walk and weird talk and all. Seeing as you voted the seminal immersive sim your seventh-favourite RPG of all time, I thought you might like to see it too. It's very good.

That's the work of Czech husband & wife cosplay duo Mary & Feinobi. It's a great costume and look overall, but I particularly appreciate the vest. It nails the chunky oversized buckles and even the airbrushed look of Deus Ex character textures. I like this composite of JC styles, too. While I think his coat and trousers are a more conventional fabric on the game model, the iconic box art has him in a leather (pleather?) coat. Ask yourself: can cyberpunk fashion ever have too much (p)leather?

That little trot does also remind me of JinnKid, the fella who performs phenomenal impressions of Skyrim's glitchy NPC movement. Alice Bee raises the Geralt cosplayer who acted out a Witcher fight after you've forgotten the controls. And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that Mega64 had good Deus Ex mouth.

Just... keep an eye on JC. This kind of activity embarrasses the agency more than it does him:

Of course, looking like JC is one thing, but it takes real skill to actually pull off an immersive sim infiltration. RPS co-founder Karen Gillan once broke into the PC Zone offices to snaffle the scoop on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They were all so young.

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