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This fast 64GB kit of DDR4 RAM is down to £98

A great choice for video editing, 3D modelling and scientific computing.

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While DDR5 RAM is the future now, there are still millions of DDR4 systems out there used for gaming, content creation and much more. Happily, the advent of DDR5 means that DDR4 prices have nose-dived, bringing extremely high capacity kits into much more reasonable price points. For example, this 2x 32GB kit of DDR4-3600 RAM from Viper, is down to £98 on Amazon - after retailing for over £130 as recently as July.

This is an awesome kit for RAM-intensive applications, like video editing, 3D rendering or scientific computing, and comes at the fraction of the price of even the cheapest 64GB kit of DDR5 (~£150).

This isn't base-spec DDR4 either. DDR4-3600 is the fastest DDR4 frequency for AMD and Intel systems before diminishing returns start really kicking in, while the CL18 latency isn't class-leading but isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination either.

Patriot are a perfectly reputable maker of DDR memory, and this Viper 4-Series looks to fit the bill with a simple red heatsink on top of green-circuit-boarded RAM. (A great fit for any early Christmas-themed PC builds, which don't exist, and more importantly for anyone that will install this in their PC and never look at it closely again.)

Overall, I literally cannot find a cheaper DDR4 64GB kit than this - the next closest is a DDR4-3200 kit for £102 - so I think this is an awesome deal well worth considering if you need this much RAM. For most people interested in gaming though, you're better off sticking with a 16GB or 32GB kit and saving your money for a more meaningful upgrade in the future.

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