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This handy browser extension warns you if a Steam game is also in the Xbox Game Pass

Don't overbuy on accident

In the land of subscription game libraries, the Xbox Game Pass for PC is a pretty great deal, but keeping track of what's in or out of the library at any one time can be a bit of a headache. You don't want to go buying that brand new game if you've already got it by way of your monthly fee, right? Or not on accident, anyway. Here's a handy little browser extension that will warn you when you're looking at a game on Steam that's already in the Game Pass For PC.

Here it is for ya, the Xbox Game Pass info on Steam extension available for Chrome and Firefox. It slaps a banner just beneath the first section of a game's Steam page as you can see up top. It'll give you a similar little warning badge for items in your wishlist or in search results. You'll need to be logged in to your account in your browser for those bits to work though, obviously, so not quite as handy for those of us using the main Steam application. It's nice for a quick check on a store page though.

The extension will also let you know if a game is leaving the library in the near future. Based on the information Xbox provides via the library page, that typically means within the next two weeks.

It does appear to ignore games that are only available on Game Pass for console. Absolver, for instance, does not get the banner treatment. So perhaps beware of that if you're a two-system household and use the biggo subscription that gets you access to both Xbox and PC libraries.

If you do want to own a game without worrying when it will get yoinked from the Game Pass library, hey, that's still your choice. Just don't do it on accident like the extension's developer has.

In the realm of upcoming additions, do remember that EA Play games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in December for PC players. Oh, and Microsoft have bought Bethesda, which will likely have its own Game Pass-related effects.

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