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This lovely Cyberpunk 2077 mod adds trains you can ride around Night City

A great way to watch the city go by

A new Cyberpunk 2077 mod makes the dystopian RPG's decorative monorails functional, adding a metro system with cute wee trains you can ride. For all the game's flaws, I did greatly enjoy wondering Night City's streets, cooing at giant buildings and bright colours, and today I was glad to continue that tourism on rail. How lovely to see the megacity from a new perspective, looking down on rooftops and being buzzed by hovercars. See a wee bit of my journey in a video below.

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The Metro System mod by "keanuWheeze" adds Night City Area Rapid Transit routes connecting 19 stations, snaking across the city. You can select a destination and hop on for a ride, admiring the city in first- or third-person views from your wee single train car. Sure it's slower than a car and far slower than fast travel, but it's nice. The mod also adds station platforms to wait for your train, and you can fiddle with the speed and waiting times in the options if you want. And yes, you can play music from the radio.

It's a shame my PC is too rubbish to run the game without pop-in and the occasional stutter even on low-mid settings (sorry for that, viewer dear) but this is still very nice. Very pretty. The mod's prone to occasionally clanging when the camera collides with things (I think?), but I wouldn't be playing Cyberpunk if I had no jank tolerance. And while I'd like more life at stations and on trains, hey, it's a mod, and it's jolly impressive.

To use the Metro System mod, you will need the CET and the Native Settings UI mod too. But installing it all only involves unzipping files to the correct folder.

I'm just delighted by this. I spent a fair while today just riding trains, appreciating the fleeting views through gaps and along roads, admiring the greebles on towerblocks, and hearing drama across the city. I'd be thrilled if CD Projekt Red decided to throw time and resources behind officially adding a functional metro system to the game as they continue to improve the game. Its many metro stations sure feel like they were once intended to be more than mere fast travel points.

Cyberpunk 2077's next major update is due in early 2022 alongside the next-gen console update. Yeah, I won't get my hopes up for that to add trains. But maybe one day?

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