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This Might Be The Final Assassin's Creed IV Trailer

Arse-Arsey Creed

Despite the pointed mockery of John's Assassy Creed trailer post, Ubisoft haven't let up in their desire to tell expose every little detail about the fourth (but not really fourth) Assassin's Creed game in trailers. There have been three this week. They are shameless. I was going to do a post with them all again, but the weight of that many Flash instances on one page breaks my browser, so I am instead posting the latest one. It handily manages to distill everything we know about the game into a scant 9 minutes. Think about that, Ubisoft: you have one trailer doing the job of more than thirty.

I also get to bump the piracy tag with another game. Hooray! This is a very strange trailer: it really does tell you everything about the game, so if you had a plan to avoid such in-depth knowledge then it's best skipped. Though I don't know how you managed it, because I hear the next step is for Ubisoft to start broadcasting the trailers into your dreams. The only way to avoid them is to not fall asleep. So there you have it, Ubisoft is the Freddy Krueger of game publishers.

It's out on the 19th/22nd of November, because the world is the shape it is.

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