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This Post Will Self-Destruct in Ten Minutes: Invisible, Inc.

Alpha now available

Due to the explosive nature of this post's contents, we're working to a tight schedule here. I'm going to cut straight to the chase and I suggest you read as fast as you possibly can. The mighty Klei Entertainment sent an encrypted message to my neural inbox to let me know that their turn-based tactical espionage game, Invisible, Inc., is now available in alpha form. You can pre-purchase from the official website, which will give you immediate access to the game's current build by means of a redeemable Steam key. The game will be available to buy directly through Steam Early Access in the near(ish) future. A new trailer, below, shows a spot of isometric infiltration and contains music that would fit happily in a new No One Lives Forever game.


Looks good but not quite good enough to distract me from the fact that I'm not currently playing a new No One Lives Forever game.


Oh yeah. The exploding post.

Finding that montage has made me the internet just a little more than I did yesterday.


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