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This Sporting Life: NBA & WWE On PC

My writing this post is probably fairly akin to David Beckham talking about Dungeon Keeper 2, but thought I'd aggregate a couple of sporting links kindly folk have sent us lately. There's been a trend over the last few years to stop porting B-list (and I mean that in the polite sense) games to PC, most especially sports titles. However, we're seeing something of a porting rennaissance at the moment - for every publisher/developer who claims they're washing their hands of PC due to the P word, another seems to redouble their efforts to release everything they've got on it. Capcom are an impressive example of the latter with stuff like Street Fighter 4, but seems like 2K and THQ are returning to our loving arms too.

We hear from Richo that 2K are releasing their latest basket-to-ball game, NBA 2K9, on PC, and mercifully it'll be a port of the shiny 360 version rather than a Wii or PS2 eyesore.

Additionally, The B dropped us a line to say THQ are planning on an online PC version of their long-running man-slapping WWE series, Smackdown vs RAW. Sounds like, as with Company of Heroes Online, it's specifically for the Asian market, but it's a wrasslin-based MMO is a hilarious concept, so let's hope it reaches the West too. Not due until 2010, but by the sound of it's actually a PC exclusive rather than a port. Interesting stuff.

Much as, in all honesty, I personally care about each of those games about as much as I care about athlete's foot, it's fine news indeed that PC gamers aren't denied such sweaty delights.

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