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This Warcraft fan-film recasts Cyberpunk 2077 with orcs and goblins

Wake the f*ck up, Samurai, we have bear livers to collect.

It wouldn't take too much to push World Of Warcraft in a cyberpunk direction. After all, Blizzard's increasingly comic-book plot has already taken us far beyond the simple scuffle of orcs and humans with time-travelling, alternate universes and honest-to-god spaceships. Now, a fan-made trailer reimagines the game set in the grim, neon-splattered streets of Cyberpunk 2077's Night City - albeit, a version of the dystopian metropolis cobbled together by goblins and gnomes.

Created by Machinima artist Duren, World Of Cyberpunk is a painstaking shot-by-shot remake of that Cyberpunk 2077 trailer in the high-fantasy steampunk nonsense stylings of Blizzard's behemoth MMORPG.

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From jawless make-up artists to helicopter gunfights and board-room murders, every shot in Cyberpunk's first "proper" trailer gets a suitably high-fantasy analogue. There's a weird delight in seeing Night City's streets populated by orcs, goblins and undead clubbers. Famous Warcraft names get a few cameos, too, the weirdest of which has to be Genn "King Of The Werewolves" Greymane slyly chortling as his Worgen doppleganger is zapped to oblivion.

It's a properly well-made short, too. A great deal of care has been taken to marry two wildly differing visual languages, with scenes often using the more "mechanical" Gnomeregan or Kezan sets to transition carefully into distant Night City skylines. There's a good video on the creator's channel outlining the process of building up 3D sets in Cinema4D, before layering in models and animations pulled from WoW itself using tools like WoW Model Viewer.

Keep an eye out, and you might also spot a few nods to Hearthstone, Overwatch and otherwise plastered over the city's walls. The only thing missing, really, is a Warcraft'ed up version of Keanu Reeves telling you to wake the fuck up and collect 15 cyberwolf hearts or whatever. Maybe next time, eh?

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