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Thousands of Edith Finch assets are now free to use in Unreal

Plenty remains, it turns out.

What Remains Of Edith Finch? I'm not sure it's the answer the devs had in mind when they first penned the script, but today's answer is a whole lotta assets to download for your own Unreal Engine projects. If you fancy taking remixing your own take on the Finch household, you can now download a massive bundle of models, textures, and pre-built environments for free via Epic's game development platform.

Ever wanted to run an Unreal Tournament match in the Finch household? That's now entirely a possibility.

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As per today's Unreal Engine blog post, Unreal Engine devs can now download over 3,000 meshes (3D models, effectively), all completely textures and set up with materials. More than that, though, is the option to download complete environments from Giant Sparrow's curiously morbid adventure - including the complete Finch home, with all its distinct rooms and suites.

This isn't the first time the Unreal Engine has let you practically download an entire game's guts, mind. Over two years ago, Epic dumped what it reckons was $12 million worth of Paragon assets to do with as you see fit. At least one game has come out attempting to revive Epic's doomed MOBA using its own assets, too. Epic have also released assets for its mobile swordfighter Infinity Blade. Edith Finch marks the first time a drop like this has come from outside the Fortnite-maker's walls.

It's a neat practice, honestly. While I reckon some would frown upon actually releasing a game using someone else's work, it greatly enhances the ability for newcomers and modders to just muck around in Unreal Engine. I've done much of the same with Valve's hammer editor, and it's simply a joy learning how to construct game spaces by remixing high-quality models and materials into your own works.

You can download the Edith Finch bundles for free over on the Unreal Engine marketplace.

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