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This YouTuber built What Remains Of Edith Finch in The Sims 4

(The YouTuber is our YouTuber)

Alice L. was the person who really encouraged me to dive headlong into the pool of long build projects that is my fandom of The Sims 4. She is both one third of the Council Of Alices and one third of the RPS VidBud team on YouTube, and she's just started a new Sims 4-themed video series. In Can We Build It?, Alice L. attempts to build an iconic room from another game but in The Sims 4's build mode.

In this first one she's had a crack at the twins' room in What Remains Of Edith Finch, which should count as doing two rooms, really. Calvin and Sam shared a bedroom, but they had very different design sensibilities. Alice has done a really astounding job recreating it, as you'll see via the screenshots and comparisons in the video, embedded below.

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How cool is that? Alice used some common build cheats to access debug items to get even tiny details right, like the sucker darts on the side of Calvin's chest of drawers. I was proper impressed by all the effort she put into placing items, carefully clipping things together to get the little bridge and staircase right.

This room is actually available on The Sims 4 gallery under #RPSEdithFinch, although Alice warns that almost none of the furniture can actually be used by a Sim because of the aforementioned clipping and careful placement. She does include a full list of all the custom content she used over on YouTube, if anything has caught your eye (in particular, those bright shiny welly boots).

Credit it where it's due, though: Alice isn't the first person to do an Edith Finch build in The Sims 4. Last year we highlighted an amazing speed build by Jess Harts, who actually built the entire Edith Finch house. It's interesting to compare the two takes on the twins' room. They're very different, but both so good.

Alice L. will keep attempting different rooms for Can We Build It? so keep checking the channel. She's already told me what room she's doing next and I'm super excited. But I have to keep it a secret from you all for now.

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