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Upcoming Tomb Raider anime will continue the reboot trilogy story

Netflix announces yet another video game show

Resting place defiler Lara Croft will be breaking into your TV screens to star in a new animated series—an announcement that is giving me déjà vu, so full as my brain is of television adaptations of gaming series. This is indeed new information though, as announced by your friends at Netflix who cannot stop tossing cash at video game adaptations.

Netflix announced the new show today, saying that the anime series will follow the events of the recent game series reboot by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montréal. Presumably that means we'll be picking Lara up as fully-fledged Tomb Raider after the events of the origin story trilogy. For a bit of a refresher on how that wrapped up, here's RPS's video review for the trilogy finale Shadow Of The Tomb Raider from 2018.

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According to Deadline, the series will be written by Tasha Huo who's also involved with another of Netflix's anime adaptations, The Witcher: Blood Origin. The series is being created by Legendary Entertainment with Huo also as executive producer alongside Dmitri M. Johnson, Stephan Bugaj, Howard Bliss, and Jacob Robinson.

At the moment, that's about all we know about the upcoming series. Netflix haven't mentioned when it might debut or any actors that might be involved. For reference, The Witcher: Blood Origin was announced last summer and just revealed its first casting choice earlier this week, about half a year later.

We sure are in store for a heck of a lot of game series turning into TV shows. We've already gotten one season of the live-action The Witcher show starring Henry Cavill. That previously-mentioned Witcher anime in the works too. Netflix are also working on an Assassin's Creed tv show and a Resident Evil show oh and also that Cyberpunk 2077 anime series too. I'm pretty sure that's only the half of them, but you get the point.

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