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Torchlight's Editor Is Around The Corner

Dunno about you, but I got pretty burned-out after a few days of psychotic grinding at Torchlight, feeling that, despite the fun I'd had, everything had gotten too samey. So the news of the impending editor, and the vast glut of moddery it promises, is good news - it hopefully means the game's rather limited environments can be shaken up some, and we can have a broader, longer-lived experience. Ideally, one with different colours of cat too. Brown is boring!

The official editor ('Preditor', cutely) went gold today - but was suddenly rescinded because of a bug. Boo! But it sounds as though it'll be along really very soon, so it seems fair enough to point at a forum post showing a list of ten of the many things you can get up to in it. I'll be having a fiddle when it arrives - and I'm foolishly taken with the idea that everyone tweaks it a little bit, so we end up with every Torchlight owner playing their own bespoke version of the game. As with Dragon Age, we do hope someone makes an RPS Campaign too. MAke us heroes! Or villains! Or just mentioned really briefly in some incidental text! Anything! Please! Pleeeeeeeeeese!

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