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Total War: Warhammer 3 reveals Grand Cathay's army, created for the game

They've been in stories for decades but not as a proper army

The mysterious army of Grand Cathay have finally been revealed for Total War: Warhammer 3, wearing their Chinese influences plainly. Grand Cathay have existed in the world of Warhammer (Warlore? Lorehammer?) for almost 30 years but not fielded a full plastic army, so one had to be created for Creative Assembly's fantasy strategy game. Led by dragons in human form, they field forces including Jade Warriors, towering Terracotta Sentinels, and the Celestial Dragon Guard. Come meet 'em in the new trailer below.

Grand Cathy are ruled by the Celestial Dragon Emperor with the Moon Empress from the Celestial City. Seeing as they're homebodies and as powerful as most gods, we won't get to play as them. Instead, we can play as their kids: Miao Ying, the Storm Dragon, and Zhao Ming, the Iron Dragon. Yeah, they're dragons too.

As for how they actually play, Creative Assembly say:

"As an empire, a people, and on the battlefield, Grand Cathay is about harmony. They are a defensively focused army, long standing against the tides of darkness that crash against their Great Bastion, over and over again across the centuries. Ranged and melee units receive buffs when in close proximity, their power boosted as the Yin and Yang that runs through every inhabitant of the empire works in concert. This gives them incredible ranged firepower and a stalwart, hardy frontline. They are slow-moving and easy to flank, but their flying machines, alchemists, and dragon sorcerers do much to make the army a formidable one.

"On the campaign map, Grand Cathay must use the incredible wealth of the Ivory Road to fund their war effort and defense of the Grand Bastion, the invincible walled fortress that borders the Chaos Wastes to their North. Defending it and launching assaults from it is a key part of their campaign and will make or break the fates of mortals."

See Creative Assembly's FAQ for more info on Grand Cathay and their forces. Games Workshop are meant to have an article about their collaboration with Creative Assembly to create this army over here, but it's not live yet as I write. Maybe by the time you read?

Total Warhammer 3 also mostly created its Kislev army, another faction which existed in Lorehammer but weren't fleshed out until now.

Twarhammer 3 is due to launch in early 2022, having been delayed from late 2021 only yesterday.

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